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Subject information

This is what the students are working with right now: 

Art: we are making sculptures. Homework: nothing at the moment.

Chemistry: we just had a national test so we are not doing anything yet. Homework: nothing at the moment.

Swedish: We are doing Myths and don't have any homework.

French: We are going to have two tests about school
Humanities: We just finished a test for religion and now we are going to work on civics.

Spanish: We are studying family,colours and animals. We are going to have the first part of the test on the 15th of May.

English: We are reading Kensukes kingdom and our unit is changing places.

P.E: We are having map reading so we go out and read maps and go to specific locations.  

Physics: we are learning about light and sound and soon we have a test
Maths: we are doing algebra

Textiles: T-shirts


On 22 of May we are having a sports day and we are going to torup with the rest of the myp and pyp. We are can bring a food and drink and something to sit on and you should have warm clothes cause it might be cold outside. We are supposed to meet in the class room at 8:30-9:00 and we end at 14:00. (for more information about the sports day, please go to the main homepage of the school: mis.skola.malmo.se )

Important information about the Student Parent Teacher-conference on Thursday. 

On Thursday the MYP 1 have woodwork until around 4 pm. This means that those of you who want to meet many of us teachers have to start the meetings without the students. They will come back to school some time after 4 pm, and be able to join the meetings then. 

Hope to see you on Thursday!

This is what the students are working with right now: 

In history we are preparing for the national test by studying about swedens history.

In Spanish we are working on a play kind of thing for the library.

Chemistry: Mix chemicals

Biology: Just had a test about digestion
Math: Just had national test

Art class: We don't have any homework for art,but we are doing sculptures 

French: We don't have homework, but a test so... practicing.

P.E: We have a dance unit starting on Wednesday.

In technology we have to make a short animated movie with continuous pictures
For design & technology , don't miss to visit 

In physics we just started a new chapter we are working on speed of light and sound

In Swedish we are doing an interview about school.

In English we are reading a book called Kensukes kingdom and we have started our new unit called moving places.

Important information: 

Tomorrow will MYP 1 write a national exam in English, and they will end after lunch. 

Next Thursday it is time for MYP1 to start woodwork. That means the student will go with a bus to Agnesfridsgymnasiet where they will have the woodwork class. A teacher will a accompany the students the first time and the woodwork teacher will always come and meet the students when they arrive. The bus will drive the students back to MIS and they will come back around 4 pm. Woodwork classes will returning all normal school-Thursdays for the rest of the term.

And at last a little reminder to make sure that your children bring all the forms that you have to sign. If you have lost the forms, you can find some of them if you scroll down on this page. 

Please remember to log in to skola24 in order to check your children's attendance. There you can see if your children are late for classes. If anyone experience any trouble with this, please contact us.

The student's will today bring home another paper for you to sign. It is about the student-parent-teacher conferences that will take place this term. You will get to meet some of the teachers of some subjects of your choice for a brief meeting. Please return the form as soon as possible. 


This is what the students are working with right now: 

In math we are preparing for the national test in math, we are learning how to use the calculators.

In P.E we are preparing for the summative assessment. We have to be able to do summer saults, wooden horse jumping, and trampolines.

In geography- we are doing quizzes about different continents

In chemistry we are reviewing what we have learnt like alkali, acid or bases


Film competition

MYP 1 wants to participate in a film-competition where they are making a movie about how to be a good friend on the Internet. The competition is arranged by among others BRIS (the rights of the child in society). The students could win money for a class trip or tickets to the cinema. If you want to know more about the competition you can read at: www.vanskapiframten.se

We have today (25/2) handed out notes for you to sign. The notes can also be printed from this homepage.

Warm regards

Julia & Carina & MYP1


Dear parents


Tomorrow (Tuesday 25/2) there will be a sports day at school. There will be a special schedule for the whole day.


9.00-11.00 Creating a movie about Internet bullying  (meet in A212)

11.00-11.30 Lunch

12.00- 14.00 Athletics at Athleticum

14.30 The day ends (back at Malmö International School)


The students should wear PE-clothes already when they come to school.


Bring: Bottle of water and snacks/fruit if needed.


Warm regards

Julia & Carina


Suggestions for things to do during the sports break! 


This is what the students are working with right now: 

We are not having anything in textiles or home economics

We have a music test for drums,singing,piano and guitar for May.  

In math we are learning about probability, percentage, decimals, and fractions. We are having a math test on 14/2 2014.

 In P.E we are having gymnastics and in gymnastics we have summersolts, wooden horse jump, and learning to stand on our hands. We are going to the atlithicum on the 24/2 2014 so we are running, jumping, and having shotput.

French: we just had the big tests, about time, directions, places, family

Spanish:we had a big test,about what do you study and the school.

Next tests in French and Spanish are: Thursday 13th January, Monday after holiday 

Swedish:We finished all the national tests 

English:We are working on the poem daffodils 
And we are having a spelling test tommorow 

Biology: human body

Technology: multiple task/project.


For next week, MYP1 will have a special schedule because of the national tests. On Tuesday and Thursday we meet at 8.15 in A212, and the students will end their school day at 12.30.  


Hi and welcome back to Malmö International School. We hope you have had a great and relaxing holiday, and that you are filled with energy for the spring term 2014. This site will be a site for students and parents in MYP1, where you can find a lot of information about what is happening. As you can see there is already a calendar here where you can see some of the important dates for the spring term. 

As soon as there is new information from the school we will post it on this page. From now on updates on this page will replace the weekly e-mails, so this is where the students will post what they are doing. In the calendar here it will also be possible to see dates for tests and other homework. 

The cafe will be open on Wednesday 8th of January. During electives time on Wednesday we will present new groups for the electives for this term, and the students will get the chance to choose. 

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