March 25th, 2014

Having a webpage such as this is fantastic. However, unfortunately a webpage has limitations. Comments from students and parents can not be given on a webpage and people can't subscribe to updates in order to make sure that they do not miss out on any important information. 

Due to this, I have decided to have a PYP 6 blog instead. From now on all information to parents will be given on this blog and you can also comment on interesting photographs, student work and information. If needed, you may also translate the text into your own language. Just press the button at the bottom and select your language. If you add your email, then all updates will automatically be sent to your email and you will not miss out on any valuable information concerning your child's school happenings. 

So how do you get to this amazing blog? Just press the link below! :)

See you all there!


Cay came to school one day happy as a little kid in a candy store! She brought a newspaper article which showed how well Malmö schools performed last term in relation to the grades.  We were proud to see that Malmö International School (MIS) was in the lead. :) 

Visit to Malmö Opera!

Science Unit

Sibgha shows an experiment!
A science experiment!

Static electricity in action! :)

Linda, the PYP 6 Class Teacher!

During our fabulous Art Exhibition, Paniz decided to draw pictures of all the members of PYP 6. I just had to share my own portrait since I think Paniz did such a fantastic job drawing her class teacher. I look great! :)

Exhibition Work!

Sport's Day at Athleticum & Pildammsparken!

Migration Unit


Collage Making for our Artistic Expressions Unit

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