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PYP 5 are currently looking at Natural Disasters and how they impact people around the world. Many victims of disasters, both natural and political, require help and support from others. We are looking at ways to help Refugees in Malmö by collecting items they need, like clothing for Winter. Once we have collected donations we can deliver them to KONTRAPUNKT who shall give them to refugees that need them.

KONTRAPUNKT need the following items:

Unisex clothes are best, dark colours and smaller sizes (small and medium)

Shoes Sizes 38-42 are the mostly needed.

New underwear and socks are appreciated for both males and females – mostly small and medium sizes.

• Jeans / trousers (men & women)

• Jackets (mens)

• Thick shirts

• Sweatpants

• Tights

• Black caps for adults

• Gloves / mittens for adults

• Mattresses

• Men's Tank Tops

• Toilet paper

• Pocket Mirrors

• Dustpans

• Backpacks and suitcases.

• Phones and chargers

• Detergent

• Bed Sheets

• Paper towels

• Pens and notebooks

• Playing Cards

• Headphones

• Earplugs

• Sewing kit / needle / thread

• Safety pins

• Thermos - at least 5 litres

• Spray Deodorant

• Brushes unused

• Nail Clippers

• Tweezers

 All items can be brought to school over the next 3 weeks and stored in the room beside the PE hall. Representatives from PYP5 will deliver the contributions to Kontrapunkt once collected.