Leaving School Premises

posted Apr 21, 2017, 2:16 AM by lena.klicic-larsson@skola.malmo.se   [ updated Apr 21, 2017, 3:49 AM ]
Dear Guardians of MYP 2-4 students,
In light of the recent incident in Stockholm, we feel that, as the safety of our students is a priority, our safety routines had to be reviewed. We have decided in our Safety and Security Council, that all students should remain on the school premises during school hours. This way, we can supervise, and ensure the safety of our students.
It is therefore the school policy that all students are to remain on site during school hours. MIS would appreciate if you in the role of a guardian, have a discussion with your child regarding their safety.
If you as a guardian, insist that your child is to be allowed off premises during school hours, we require you to sign the form sent home today and return it to school management by Friday 28th April. Your child will then be provided with a personal permission card enabling them to leave the school premises during the school day.
All MYP 2-4 students have received a letter today in paper form.
Thank you for your understanding
The Safety and Security Council
On behalf of MIS