MYP Sports Day

posted Dec 18, 2015, 5:07 AM by
Dear students,
On Monday 21st we are going to have the Sports day at Kockum fritid (Västra Varvsgatan 8)!
We are going to meet there at 8:45. You can take bus 2 or 3 to get there. The bus stop is right in front of Kockum fritid. 
Please, find the teacher responsible for the activity you have chosen for the first part (9:00-10:00):

Badminton     Munir and Patrick
Floorball        Julia and Carina
Squash           Ellenor and Håkan
Ice Skating     Christina S. and Tomas

Bring proper clothes and a padlock. If you want you can bring your own equipment and for ice skating you need to rent the skate and the helmet.
We come back together back to school for lunch after the activities (11:30). The changing rooms will be available.

After lunch, we all gather in the Aula at 13:00 pm for the Maths competition! We end at 14:30. 

Kind regards,