PYP 3 Swimming 2016

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Objective: all students gain swim competency by the time they finish elementary school.  This is a requirement of Swedish schools and is compulsory for all students to attend.

Location: Rosengårdbadet

Period: Week 38-40 

Dates: 19 September-7 October 2016, exception 23rd and 27th September there is no school so no swimming lessons.

Times: PYP3A 12.30-13.15, PYP3B 13.15-14.00

 Please note: These swimming lessons are during school time however PYP3B will not arrive back at school until between 14.30 and 14.40 each afternoon as they have the later session.

Bring: a towel and their swimmers with them every day. 

Travel: Students will be travelling by private bus, to and from the pool.

Lessons: The lessons are 45 minutes long. 15 minutes warm-up and 30 minutes in the water. 

This will take place every day over the 3 week period.

On the first day, all students are tested and placed in different groups based on they ability levels.  Those students who already have swim competency will continue to practice their technique.