PYP Notices

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Seasonal Clothing
Please make sure that your child is coming to school dressed in appropriate clothing for the season.  It is getting really cold out and students go out on break, no matter what the weather.  Please help them to be prepared with jackets, warm pants, gloves, hats and scarves; a spare set of dry clothes to keep at school is a great idea too; snow is wet!

 Bakerbooks International Schools Book Club
The Spring catalogues are available, with fiction, non-fiction and parent books
You may borrow catalogues from your class teacher, or check out the online catalogue at
The order deadline is February 12. When you have sent and paid for your order, the books will arrive at the school and be delivered to your child.

After and Before PYP School Day                                                             
For safety reasons can you please ensure that your child leaves the school premises (the buildings and the playground) directly at the end of the PYP school day – 14:00.  This is also important at the beginning of the day; there is no supervision at this time.
The only students who are permitted to remain are those enrolled in Fritids. PYP students are not allowed to wait, unattended, on the school premises even for older siblings in the MYP.

PYP Wacky Top to Toe Day: Friday, 29th January.  Come dressed wacky!!!  Competition for the best in each year group.  SC will judge and find the winners. There are prizes!