My name is Bodil Andersson-Franke and I am the School Nurse at Malmö International School.

I regularly schedule all students for a health check-up including weight, length, eyesight and hearing.

This  is to be considered as the continuation of the health care and monitoring provided through the BVC (Swedish child care services ) .

Together with the assigned School Physician, we have the opportunity to offer student immunizations. For this, your approval as parent/carer is required.
Further, a record of previous immunizations is required.

I am not available at the school every day but you can always reach me by email or telephone.


Bodil Andersson-Franke

School Nurse
Malmö International School
Klerkgatan 2
214 21 Malmö
Tfn: 0768-567256

GUIDELINES REGARDING ILLNESS for children placed in Malmö International School.  

Your child's general health, i.e. how they feel, is a large determining factor when it comes to deciding if a child is healthy and can return to school after an infection. If the child is spirited, has a good appetite and is fever/symptom free, they are probably healthy.   

At MIS we recommend that your child has had a symptom free day at home e.g. fever, rash, vomiting. This is to avoid the spreading of illness to other children and staff. 

Children have different recovery times after a period of illness. It is good not to be too quick to let your child come back to school after illness. Sometimes the child can be energetic in the morning, but still not cope with a full day of group activities, learning and running around.  

If a child is well enough to come to school, they will be expected to participate in all school activities including outside activities and Physical Education lessons.

Pedagogical staff are not permitted to administer medicine.

In chronic conditions in children where the effort of staff may be required, information should be given to all staff by the school nurse and parent. Before these meetings have been completed, no action will be taken by the staff.

Medical advice: