School Council – Parent representatives -

Monthly Meetings 

  • September 17 at 08.00-09.00
  • November 5 at 08:00-09:00

MIS Parents Association (MISPA)

MISPA is community platform which endevours to connect parents as part of the MIS community.  Parents have the opportunity to express ideas, inspiration and support their children and the school.  

As a part of MISPA, you will have the possibility to meet once a month with all PARENT REPRESENTATIVES.  Parent Representatives then take agenda items to the School Council

 MISPA hosts 2 yearly events per school year, 1 per term.

Sign up! via email to:  MISPAmalmo@gmail.com 

Stay in touch! 

- join our private FACEBOOK group

 - meet us at the PARENT COFFEE HOUR, every last Friday of the month (see school calendar for actual dates.

School Council is a forum for parents of MIS to be involved and engaged in our school community.
It is a way for parents to contribute and be a part of their child’s education and school life.

·         5 meetings per academic year with school administration ( 2 Autumn term, 3 Spring term)

o   September

o   November

o   January

o   March

o   May

·         Meeting time with school administration 08.00-09.00 

·         Two class reps per class

·         Class reps to function as the link between parents in their classes and administration

·         Class reps to function as welcoming committee/support families for families new to MIS

·         Class reps to organize workshops, activities and gatherings for MIS parents

·         Two whole school events to be organized by parent reps per academic year

·         PA Meetings in between the 5 School Council meetings to be organised by class reps