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Bienvenue au site de français!

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What’s up?

Upcoming Tests:



"On va en ville"

Asking about places in a town and asking for directions.

May 25

Dialogues asking for directions.

Take a look at Expo 1 p. 62-67.


"Voyages et vacances"

Talking about countries, languages and holidays. 

May 17

Make a presentation about a dream holiday. For instructions take a look at the handout "Voyages et vacances".


"L'histoire de crime"

Talking about crime stories. How are crime stories constructed? What do I need in order to write a crime story?

May 12

Reading comprehension

Take a look at Expo 3 p. 64-67. 

The students will be given a hand out with a crime story and will be asked to write an end.


Préparations pour les tests nationaux. 

Beginning of May: Speaking

May 12: Listening

May 25: Reading

May 26: Writing

The students will be given hand outs to practice the four different skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

Here are some links where you can practice your French:

Mountain View

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